Better Ride

Opening Act: Friday, June 24

Better Ride
Better Ride started as an inclusive month-long writing project but soon transitioned into a musical group where the members (most of them people with developmental disabilities) write, record, perform and tour with their original tunes. Now, over ten years later, Better Ride is a band with a core membership of a couple dozen people in Aberdeen. But, because they invite people to join the band wherever they perform around South Dakota, they have amassed a growing membership of hundreds of people, from professional musicians to beginners. The band has not only become an opportunity for creative exploration and expression but also a source of connection and belonging for many who are typically marginalized. Each Better Ride show has a different vibe because with so many members each concert takes on the personality of whoever can make it out to perform, but performances are always light-hearted and uplifting with a dose of good humor.
Better Ride will be opening for The Brian Hanegan Quintet on Friday, June 24th.
Schedule of the night includes:
Featured food trucks:  The Leaf Grill & Wokery, Breaking Burrito, The Lunch Box and Stensland Family Farms