Friends of Levitt Shell Sioux Falls

Board of Directors

Jennifer Kirby

Jennifer Kirby


Beth Jensen


Sandra Pay


Glen Herrick


Additional Board Members:

Broin, Miriam
Dekkinga, Catherine
Dempster, Tom
Dirkson, Kara

Gullickson, Charles D
Henkhaus, John
Herseth Sandlin, Stephanie
Hoff, Kristin

Jerstad, Mike
Kiesow-Knudsen, Rebecca
Mesele, Tolcha
Muller, Carol

Severson, Kimber
Twedt, Carol
Van Buskirk, Shannon
Wrightsman, Stacy

“Having a Levitt venue in Sioux Falls will put us in the same company as some other admirable American cities such as Denver, Los Angeles, Arlington, Texas and Westport, Connecticut. We will be part of a pretty elite group, which says a lot about where Sioux Falls is going.”

– John Henkhaus, local Friends of
Levitt Shell Board member