Chamber Music Collective

Opening Act: Friday, August 4

Chamber Music Collective
Sioux Falls Chamber Music Collective is a nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting exceptional quality professional musicians and artists to collaborate on projects that are educational, diverse, creative, and inclusive of a variety of cultural and musical influences. The mission of our “Uplifting Voices of Unity” is to create an inspiring, peaceful, fun, and educational experience to foster unity. The concept of combining different art forms created by people from different backgrounds and ancestry is an expression of how all of us contribute to the colorful, diverse, and robust humanity of which we are all a part.
Chamber Music Collective will be opening for Radio Free Honduras on Friday, August 4.
Schedule of the night includes:
Featured Food Trucks: Backyard BBQ, Krazy Concessions, Rudy’s Taco Bus, and Nautical Bowls
Beverage Vendor: JJ’s Wine & Spirits
Sponsored by:
For more information on what to expect and what to bring, please visit our Levitt FAQ page.