Chris Huisenga

Opening Act: Friday, September 2

Chris Huisenga
Chris Huisenga is a man yet-to-be defined. Though his early works rest more in the vein of blues-rock and funk, the concept of genre is not something he is particularly attached to.  2021 saw his release of “We Are,” the first release of a trilogy of singles which he recorded with J. Hall and Nickolas Blazina in Nashville, Tennessee. Boasting an anthemic pre-chorus, and a more contemporary sound, “We Are” shows a different side of Huisenga.  Then, just when you think you have him figured out, he changes again with the late September 2021 release of “Homecoming Comets,” the second of the trilogy of Nashville recordings.  “Homecoming Comets” is a different animal from any of Huisenga’s previous work. Beginning gently with wistful lyrics and subtle movement, the track soars into a cinematic feeling arena-ready chorus before sweetly bringing the listener back to Earth.  When asked about his writing style, Huisenga says: “One of the things I get most often is ‘I love this song, it’s so relatable!’.  I think it’s so important to be honest and write about what you know.  That honesty adds value to the song as a whole, not only because it’s me being open about my life experiences, but also because honesty is such an incredibly rare and valuable commodity in today’s world.  People connect quicker and more deeply with an honest song, that connection, as well as the therapeutic aspects and potential to help people is what keeps me doing it.”
Chris Huisenga will be opening for Making Movies on Friday, September 2nd.
Schedule of the night includes:
  • 6:30pm Lawn Opens (food/drink vendors open)
  • 7:00pm Music Starts
Featured food trucks: The Leaf Grill & Wokery, Curbside Delights, and The Lunch Box