Opening Act: Saturday, August 12

On Dickie’s self-titled release, singer-songwriter Dick Prall took a succession of personal losses and nestled them inside a beautifully-layered soundtrack. The intimate and moody testimonial was cited as “Best Indie Rock Release of 2015” by Music Existence, also making its way onto several “top ten” lists that same year. By the time 2019 rolled around, it found Prall in a nostalgic headspace, leading to a reunion with friends and co-producers Pat Sansone (Wilco) and Joshua Shapera. The result is a stripped-back mix of reflective and pulsating tunes stamped into the 10-track sing-along “Minus Thieves.” Applying a formula of straightforward guitars fused seamlessly with tight, no-frills rhythms, the minimal production of “Minus Thieves” impeccably highlights the core of Prall’s hook-laden songwriting. It’s never certain what Prall will offer up for a live performance, but it’s guaranteed to leave you with the reminder that music can make a beautiful lasting impression, and will continue to bring you back. dickiemusic.com/epk
Dickie will be opening for  Scott Tournet Band on Saturday, August 12.
Schedule of the night includes:
Featured Food Trucks: Backyard BBQ, Black Iron Waffles, Breaking Burrito, and Nautical Bowls
Beverage Vendor: JJ’s Wine & Spirits
Sponsored by:
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