Saturday, September 7

Diving deep into the world of groove and rhythm, Funk-UH-Fried embodies the essence of unfiltered funk. Founded by the dynamic duo, Chris Garcia, the mastermind behind the bass, and Gabriel Michael, the soulful guitarist and lead vocalist, Funk-UH-Fried delivers an experience that ignites the dance floor and captivates the audience through all senses. Chris Garcia’s bass lines are the heartbeat of the band, which features Al Berven on drums and a dynamic horn section. Their music is a fusion of old-school funk and dance with a modern soul flair, paying homage to the classics with heartfelt original songs and covers. With a magnetic stage presence and an energy that carries through every performance, Funk-UH-Fried brings a contagious enthusiasm that turns every venue into a dance haven. Their live shows are an unforgettable experience that invites you to let loose, groove to the rhythm, and embrace the unadulterated joy of funk.

Schedule for the night includes:

Food Trucks: Backyard BBQ, Rudy’s Taco Bus, Willys

Thanks to our Opening Act sponsor:

Avera Health

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