Meet Moses Idris. When he’s not working at Avera, coaching youth soccer or volleyball, or supporting his Kunama community, he’s on the Levitt Lawn helping us build community through music. Moses joined the Levitt as part of the youth activation team in 2022 and quickly transitioned to a board member. Moses shared why the Levitt’s mission is important to him and what it’s like being a new member on the board of directors.

Two volunteers stand in front of two seated volunteers at the merchandise booth on the Levitt lawn.
Four Levitt board members stand in front of a wall in the Levitt office with their arms around each other.

How did you first join the Levitt team?

I learned about the Levitt through Facebook, and I would see their posts about music and community! At some point, they posted a marketing internship, and I studied media for my undergrad, but I work at Avera as a community outreach person and rarely used my marketing skills, so I wanted to use the skills that I’ve learned and help build the community through music. I met with Rose Ann, who is the Director of Communication and Community Engagement, and after few discussions, she mentioned a group she is putting together called the youth activation team with the mission to bring more youth to the Levitt lawn. I love working with the youth and arts so I decided to take on that opportunity.


You just joined the board and serve on the community engagement committee. What made you want to be a part of the board?

I have many fond memories from working with the youth activation team in the summer of 2022. One of the most meaningful experiences for me, personally, is that I always feel welcomed at the Levitt. The staff have always been wonderful, they always make sure to take care of each other, have fun, get work done, and still make Levitt welcoming place for all their audiences, volunteers, partners, and donors. There were also a few outreach events that I helped with to connect the Levitt to the immigrant and refugee communities, and the staff were amazing in supporting and connecting with people from this population. So I want to be a board member for the very reason that Levitt has been a welcoming place for me, and I want everyone living in our beautiful city or outside to know that they are welcomed for who they are, their talents, and cultural background.  We want them to come enjoy beautiful summer evenings with their loved ones and community members, through the one thing that brings all of us together, which is music.


What’s something everyone should know about coming to the Levitt?

I want everyone to know the Levitt is for everyone, because music is for everyone. This is just the 5th season for us in Sioux Falls, but I know that in the next 3-5 years the Levitt will grow and will bring more cultures and artists that will touch everyone. So if you don’t know much about to Levitt, just come to a concert and see for yourself.


Four members of the Levitt Youth Activation Team lean against a stone wall on the Levitt Pavilion.

Do you have a favorite memory on the lawn?

There was one concert that I was taking photos, and on this day it was a beautiful day because the sun was setting while the band played slow music. There was an elderly couple that was dancing to the slow music while some children were running around, and some were dancing. I just stopped for a moment and wondered at how beautiful that moment was, looking at all the people on the lawn, the dancers, the band, and the sunset. If I had a talent to freeze time, I would freeze it and enjoy it some more. I think what made it so beautiful, for me, was that is what it means to be and to build a community: it means sharing our culture; it means being with our loved ones; it means teaching our children to let go of worry and just be themselves and have fun; it means simply enjoying each of our talents and celebrating each other.


What do you love about the Levitt?

I love the Levitt because of its mission, which is to build community through music. I work as a community outreach person for my full-time job at Avera and serve on several boards and committees that are all about building our Sioux Falls and South Dakotan community to be stronger, healthier, and more beautiful. So community building is all I do every day, but when it has music in it, it’s something more special and a bonus for me.  I love the Levitt because it brings me so much joy to see a lot of people having fun and enjoying each other’s company, and making our beautiful city a welcoming and more beautiful place.


What are you looking forward to the most this upcoming season?

I am looking forward to beautiful summer evenings, seeing more people at the
lawn, meeting new people, doing more community outreach events with the
Levitt staff, being engaged in the community, having fun, sharing my ideas with
the Levitt board and committees, and helping and volunteering to help at the concerts.


Excited for beautiful summer nights like Moses? You can join us on the lawn as a volunteer. Learn more about volunteeer opportunities here.