Meet Alyssa Albrecht – Levitt volunteer and music lover! Alyssa was a regular volunteer on the Levitt lawn in summer 2019, serving as a greeter for many of our concerts. She reflects on her work as a volunteer and what she is looking forward to for the summer of 2021… back at the Levitt.
Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I work at a bank,  I am also a yoga instructor and I just started a non-profit. We do donation-based yoga classes where we have a charity that we focus on every month and then do donation-based yoga classes to give to that charity.
You are a bit of a concert goer, is that correct?
Yeah, I’m kind of boring concert-goer because I love going to shows, and I love seeing live music, but I would rather sit in the back and just observe everyone. I don’t need to be up in the crowd. I don’t feel like I always need to dance. I just love to watch performers, and I love to see how other people react to it. Watching drumsticks break or the faces of the musicians, that’s what I really love. My favorite thing is when you don’t even feel like you have a heartbeat, because the rhythm of the music feels like it’s inside of you. So I’m not one of those cool concert-goers, I’m usually sitting there and just intently watching and that’s my favorite way to go to a concert.
Alyssa at a concert
alyssa at concert with friends
Do you have a favorite music venue to go to?
I grew up in St. Paul and there was a venue called the Quest. It’s no longer there, but I’ve had so many good memories of the Quest. There were two levels and when you went on the second level you could look down in the first level. You could have two bands playing, so that was super fun. Then in Sioux Falls, obviously the Levitt is the best outdoor venue. I’ve walked my dog, rode my bike, and done yoga in that whole area. The people are so nice and friendly, and I think that’s what makes a good venue, besides the sound.  It’s a place that’s going to make the musicians feel welcome as well as the concert-goers. You want to feel like you’re in a safe, comfortable place and you want to know that someone is paying attention to how the music sounds to give you the best experience. I think that happens well at both venues.


What made you want to get involved with the Levitt?
Volunteering has been a huge part of my life since I was old enough to drive. When I moved to Sioux Falls I didn’t know anyone, so I felt like starting to volunteer was the best way to get involved in the community  – to really know what it needs and how I can work to help in any way that I can. Since I was a kid, volunteering has been a part of my mental health maintenance, because it makes me feel good. I have to be helping someone out there, at least one person.  When I saw the Levitt, I just fell in love with everything about it and then I met the staff and I thought, “these people care so much about this and they will do anything to make sure that this is successful.” It’s just so beautiful that we have people who are willing to do that in Sioux Falls- to bring something like the Levitt here and make sure that it’s successful.
What do you find most rewarding about volunteering at the Levitt?
I love being able to explain to concert-goers what the Levitt is and how lucky Sioux Falls is to have it. Music is definitely a privilege, especially after you get to a certain age. A lot of people may not have money or time to go see live music. All they want to be able to do is walk a few blocks, sit for an hour, zone out, and listen to these beautiful artists.  I think that after a year of Covid, people are now starting to realize how important the arts are to have in the community. I think that the most rewarding thing is being able to provide that information to people, and to let them know that they’re in a community that cares about them and that just wants them to have a good time.
What are you looking forward to with the upcoming season?
I’m excited to see all of the new artists. Usually when I hear of an artist that I’m not familiar with, I don’t like to look them up. I don’t like to know anything about them. I like the surprise. I don’t want to have any prejudgements or have any ideas of how much I’ll enjoy it. I love to just sit there and watch them perform and try to feel the energy as much as I can from them. That’s the best thing about a live performance, watching someone do exactly what they want to do in that moment – following their passion and being amazing.
waving volunteers
Levitt Sioux Falls photo
alyssa albrecht

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