Meet Lisa Dewes. She volunteered at over half of the Levitt concerts in 2021, and made it to all but a handful in 2022. With almost as much time on the lawn as the Levitt staff, Lisa’s a veteran when it comes to concerts. Lisa shared some of her favorite memories from her time as a volunteer and what keeps her coming back. 

Tell us about you!

I’ve spent the majority of my life in Sioux Falls. I work as a customer service specialist at a trucking company, YRC Freight. When I’m not on the lawn at the Levitt, I enjoy reading, playing cards, and weight lifting. 

What kind of music do you listen to?

I really do enjoy all kinds of music and the genre of music I listen to is dependent on my mood. My go to though is Metal or Rock. My car radio is usually always on the KRRO.
Levitt volunteer Lisa Dewes sits at the information booth on the Levitt lawn with another Levitt staff member.

How did you find us?

Way back before that first concert in 2019 I was watching KELOLAND Living and Nancy was being interviewed. They were talking about the mission of the Levitt, the upcoming concerts, and the need for volunteers. After watching this interview I thought it would be fun to go see live music at the Levitt, yet I knew I wouldn’t go to a concert by myself so I decided to volunteer for a concert to see how it went. After that first time volunteering, I was hooked. I loved the atmosphere and excitement a live concert can bring. That night I went home and signed up for as many volunteer slots as I could. 
A Levitt staff member, volunteer, and board member smile while at a Levitt concert.
Levitt Volunteer Lisa Dewes smiles while holding a paper at the information booth.

What’s your favorite memory as a volunteer?

My top memory so far is from this summer. An anonymous person saw a need and donated money to purchase food vouchers for people who needed them. I was entrusted to give these to patrons. A man came to the information tent and asked for a voucher for him and his wife. After I gave the vouchers to him he explained that it’s been hard for them to enjoy a night out and have a good meal together because most of their money goes to purchase medications for his wife. He wanted me to express his thanks to the Levitt staff and everyone involved that helped him and his wife forget about life for a couple of hours a week and just enjoy their time together with good food and great music.

What’s something everyone should know when they come to the Levitt?

Be prepared to have fun and meet new people. Also, don’t be afraid to come to a concert that is a genre that you’re not familiar with or artist you don’t know. These were some of the best concerts.

What makes the Levitt a place you want to spend your time?

I believe that music can bring people of different backgrounds together. I’ve seen it happen.  I don’t have expendable income to make the donation to the Levitt that I’d like to, however I do have time. Volunteering at the Levitt is a great experience. The staff and the Levitt board members all make you feel welcome and appreciated.

Want to join Lisa and the rest of the Levitt crew on the lawn? Learn more about volunteer opportunities here.