There’s no one image of a Levitt lawn goer. Building community through music means recognizing and celebrating the differences between everyone that comes to the Levitt. Nobody enjoys a concert in the same way – even our regulars. Among the tapestry of uniqueness created by our patrons, music becomes the shared experience.

Just like the differences in humanity that compose Levitt lawn goers, every person has their own unique way to enjoy summer nights at the Levitt. Brenda likes to mingle with strangers, weaving through the lawn as she dances.

“I’ve run through the crowd the last couple of shows shaking hands and greeting people, saying, ‘Thanks for coming to the Levitt,” and people are so appreciative,” Brenda said. “I’ve gotten people to dance out of their chairs. People come to hear the music, but when they feel that energy, people that you wouldn’t think would get up and dance.”  
Brenda hugs Nancy

Mimi’s usually watching from the front row, sometimes dancing, sometimes walking around the lawn to take everything in. She’s started collecting stickers from all of the bands she likes, and sometimes will buy stickers before she’s even heard the music.

“The Levitt provides a sense of community,” Mimi said. “It has gotten me out of my comfort zone to find new experiences, like meeting new friends, dancing in front of a crowd, and discovering my favorite band.”

Donna and Ray always park their mobility devices in the front row on the lawn. They show up early, swing by the merch tent, and sometimes buy some snacks before settling in.

We love the Levitt,” Donna said. “The people, the music, the food, the whole setting. I’m always clapping my hands or singing along. If I could get up and dance, I would.”

Rebecca dances with her daughter at a concert.

Rebecca and her family typically sit towards the back of the lawn, but they’re also not afraid to come up front and dance. Rebecca’s daughter even started an autograph collection on a tote bag from artists who performed at the Levitt.

“The music draws us in and then while we’re there we get other things that we need, like a conversation on the sidewalk with an acquaintance or a hug from a friend,” Rebecca said. “We listen to music, we laugh, we dance, we go home tired, and we sleep well.”  

When Diane volunteers, she likes to greet near the Pettigrew statue. She’s striking up conversations, sharing information about the Levitt, and always dancing away.

“People have told me they see me dancing by myself, and it takes away their fear, and they just want to come up and keep me company,” Diane said. “We are creating a magic energy here.”

Some of our other regulars sit towards the back so they can have conversations with friends. Others set up their chairs right by the production tent in the middle of the lawn, perfectly spaced between the music, the drinks, and the food trucks.

All of these people are part of the fabric of the Levitt lawn. From regulars to first-time attendees, everyone who visits the Levitt represents the depth in diversity that can happen when communities have access to free, outdoor music.

The Levitt helped make music a reality for over 100,000 people in 2023. We want to continue creating this sense of joy for our community, and we hope you’ll consider helping us build community through music.. For more information, visit: