Before ground was even broken on the Levitt Shell in Falls Park, word of a new free concert venue was spreading through the Sioux Falls arts community. This new organization, Levitt at the Falls, was based around community, accessibility, and music.

At the time, Rose Ann Hofland was working as the Director of the Community Learning Center at the Washington Pavilion. She had a history of working with performing arts education and outreach, and she was intrigued by the concept of a venue dedicated to completely free programming.

“I was very curious and interested in how the model would work, because it’s a very different arts organization model in terms of offering consistent, free, accessible programming,” Rose Ann said.

Rose Ann Hofland, Nancy Halverson, and Laura Mullen

Once Nancy Halverson was announced as the Executive Director of the Levitt, Rose Ann was even more interested in being a part of the organization. Rose Ann had worked with Nancy about 15 years prior as a fresh graduate from the University of South Dakota. The two collaborated for about three years on a children’s theater company.

Six years ago, Nancy hired Rose Ann to help build up the Levitt through marketing, communications, and community outreach. Now, Rose Ann Hofland is Levitt at the Falls’ new Vice President of Programming.

“I’m very proud of the positive space that we’ve been able to establish at the Levitt,” Rose Ann said. “I think when people think about public spaces, they don’t always come in expecting positive interactions with their neighbors. And I think that at the Levitt, we’ve been able to create something welcoming, fun, and vibrant. It’s a space outside of work or home that I think others feel good being a part of and that I feel good in too.”

As one of the original full-time staff members, Rose Ann has seen the Levitt’s growth first-hand.

“That was something that was really attractive to me when I took the position, the opportunity to be a part of building Sioux Falls’ next big art offering from the ground level up,” Rose Ann said. “There were a lot of learning curves navigating an outdoor concert venue and many hot SD summer days, but it was lovely to have so much community support and to be introduced to so many wonderful artists and performances along the way.”

Levitt at the Falls Staff

As part of her new role, Rose Ann will be responsible for helping further the Levitt’s mission and work towards growing the education, outreach, and programming that happens on and off the lawn.

“We’re a very mission-driven organization where we really look through the lens of Building Community Through Music for every decision we make. I’m a mission-driven person, so it’s been a special opportunity when you’re thinking about building something new to be able to actualize it based on a shared, grand goal,” Rose Ann said.

This year, that work looks like additional events for local musicians in the off-season, continued outreach events in the community, festival partnerships, and the introduction of three new summer camps.

Rose Ann Hofland

“Our board of directors adopted a strategic plan last year that focuses on growing outreach, music education, and working to create a space that is a town square to do larger initiatives beyond even the 50 concerts,” Rose Ann said. “So it’s an exciting time of growth for our organization. We’ve started to lay some of the groundwork for that, but there’s just more to come.”

Concertgoers on the lawn will be seeing more of Rose Ann as she steps up to lead programming at the Levitt, but she’ll also be busy connecting with different groups to bring even more opportunities to the community outside of the regular concert season.

“When we started the Levitt, there were just a lot of questions about how it would all work,” Rose Ann said. “In these first six years, we’ve shown how it can. We’ve developed our audience and our community’s trust. Being able to see our community come together at Levitt concerts, to see relationships built between audience members, volunteers, and musicians, and to see the growth and development of the neighborhood has been very fulfilling. We have such a bright future.”

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