Randy and Juli Huber and Chris Meyer are standout examples of Levitt volunteers. Together, the three put in 156 hours of service in 2023. This year, the Levitt is recognizing them as our volunteers of the year in honor of volunteer recognition week.

The Hubers heard about the Levitt when it came to Sioux Falls and signed up to volunteer that first year.

Randy and Juli Huber

“There were good things happening in the city,” Juli said. “You want to be part of something that’s happening.”

The couple often works in the info or merch tent, helping patrons find their way around the lawn. The two always wear matching smiles, eager to experience the variety of music and patrons alike.

“The people — I like to meet people,” Randy said. “And the music’s good.”

Even when they’re not volunteering, Randy and Juli make their way to concerts with their children, grandchildren, and even their pets, which sometimes includes baby goats.

“It’s a free concert, and there’s usually good music,” Juli said. “Just go and enjoy what’s happening around you.”

Chris Meyer also first heard of the Levitt in its inaugural year and started volunteering after COVID. She was looking for a way to get out of the house and be around people again.

“I’m a people person,” Chris said. “I like to make sure that everybody else is okay. I like to make sure that the kids have fun and intermingle with everybody that’s there. That is just fun for me.”

She’s often floating around the lawn, bringing bubbles to kids or refilling water bottles for the greeters. She’ll strike up a conversation with anyone.

Chris Meyer

“I just like to come. I just like to be there. It’s fun to meet new people.”

Together, these three volunteers helped at almost 40 concerts last year, and all of them will be back on the lawn come May.

“It doesn’t matter what I ask them to do,” Laura Mullen, Director of Volunteer Engagement said. “Whether it’s labeling envelopes, helping at parties, or making necklaces for the merch booth, they’re always willing.”

If you’d like to join Randy, Juli, Chris, and the rest of the Levitt volunteers, consider becoming a volunteer this summer. For more information, visit: