Sabor del Sur (Taste of the South)

Opening Act: Saturday, June 10

Sabor del Sur (Taste of the South)
Taste of the South is a remarkable band comprising six talented musicians from Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Cameroon. Based in Sioux Falls, they bring a fresh perspective to the local music scene as a cultural initiative. Their goal is to provide the Latin American audience with a taste of their own music, blending traditional elements with contemporary influences. With a captivating fusion of Latin American rhythms and soulful melodies, Taste of the South offers a vibrant and immersive musical experience. Each band member contributes their unique cultural background, resulting in a symphony of sound that showcases the rich tapestry of the southern hemisphere’s musical heritage. From the rhythmic pulse of the Peruvian cajón to the mesmerizing Cameroonian bass groves, their performances transcend borders and celebrate cultural unity. Witness the energy and passion radiating from Taste of the South as they take the stage on Saturday, June 10th opening for Pascuala Ilabaca. Their captivating performances not only entertain but also bridge gaps between nations, showcasing the power of music as a universal language.
Sabor del Sur (Taste of the South) will be opening for Pascuala Ilabaca on Saturday, June 10.
Schedule of the night includes:
  • 7:00pm Music Starts
Featured Food Trucks: Backyard BBQ, Hunny & Bunny, Marc O’s Concessions, and Nautical Bowls
Beverage Vendor: JJ’s Wine & Spirits
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