Soleil Bashale

Opening Act: Thursday, July 15th

Soleil Bashale
Soleil Bashale is a Sioux Falls-raised artist with a heart for community, a love for music, and a bright future in his independent lane. “It’s all about the message.”   Intrigued by the proclaimed champions of auditory and physical creativity, Soleil progressively improved his various musical abilities in a manner matching his growing love of the creative arts.  His father, hailing from Congo, invited the roots of rhythm from Africa to their American home.  An amalgam of blues, hip hop, gospel, rock and even country are added to the pot Soleil draws from as he takes the microphone. Soleil Bashale has a vision of peace among the people of Earth, he strives to inspire youth to build a strong foundation for the future, and he’s a pretty dope dancer.
Soleil will be opening for Jocelyn & Chris on Thursday, July 15th.
Schedule of the night includes:
  • 6:00pm Lawn Opens (food/drink vendors open)
  • 6:30pm Music Starts
Featured food trucks: Backyard BBQ, Kota Café, and Ollies
Opening Acts sponsored by: